1. -All 5 Electric Pianos

  2. -12-Velocity Layers  for Sustain and 24-bit Samples

  3. -All patches can be switched without loading the samples

  4. -The most Spring Reverb Amp Sims

  5. -More effects racks with more options such as Wah-Wah, defined presets with ability to save your own custom.

  6. -64 Bit for Apple Logic X

  7. -Best Bang for Buck

  8. -Update: No longer requires an iLok Dongle


  1. -No background loading

  2. -A bit harder on the processor and RAM

Overall: The absolute best version we've ever made and the added effects of UVI are just amazing.


Neo-Soul Keys comes in so many different formats and flavors and it can be confusing as to which version is right for them. So with that being said, we are going to list each version in order of quality and offer some suggestions as to why we think which version is the best to purchase. Our assessment for measuring this is the quality of samples and what platform offers the best features.

#1. Neo-Soul Keys® 5X Ultimate for UVI Workstation
  1. -All 3 Electric Pianos. You can purchase the other EPs as Xpansion pack Addons

  2. - Background Loading is fast

  3. -Very efficient on CPU and RAM

  4. -Lossless compression

  5. -Kontakt FREE Player (No need to buy Kontakt)

  6. -Stays within the Kontakt framework


  1. -CPU hungry when using the

  2. -Doesn’t include all 5 EPs

  3. -Not the best bang for Buck

Overall: This was our first version and it has been perfected to a very high quality version. If you are stuck to Kontakt and don’t want to use anything else, then nothing is better.

#2. Neo-Soul Keys® 5X for Kontakt Player
  1. -8 Velocity layers on Sustain

  2. -All the mechanical effects

  3. - Streaming using Apple Lossless format

  4. -Warm Effects

  5. -AudioBus and Virtual MIDI

  6. -Fast Loading

  7. -Best Bang for Buck


  1. -CPU Hungry and an iPad 4 is optimal

  2. -No other effects besides reverb and chorus

  3. -No Velocity Curve

Overall - This is not as good as the UVI or Kontakt, but man the samples sound very warm and clean. You will be amazed at the sound coming out of the iPad and for those who want to travel light and not spend a lot of money, this is ideal.  As iPads become more powerful, this will be perfect for live.

#3. Neo-Soul Keys® for iPad 2/3/4 and Mini
  1. -Refill Ready

  2. -Works with Reason if that is your platform of choice

  3. -8-Velocity Layers

  4. -Warm Reason Filters

  5. -Minor effects section


  1. -RAM hungry as NNXT does not offer sample streaming. You can’t load much else after loading this as it takes up to 2GB RAM.

Overall - We like this version because of the Reason filters. It makes it sound different and very warm and analog-ish. You have to have a lot of RAM though as the RAM is intensive. It will work with 4GB of RAM, but 8GB of RAM and even more is desired.

#4. Neo-Soul Keys® for Reason 6.0
  1. -No carrying extra hardware to play. You can play right out of the keyboard

  2. -XF can load in Flash and never have to load again

  3. -Warm rich sound out of the filters

  4. -A ton of Motif effects

  5. -Motif Synthesis


  1. -No scripting for pedal resonance and other scripted features

  2. -Samples cannot be 24-bit and limited layers and RAM (No Disk Streaming).

  3. -The quality samples are not as high

Overall: I like this version to take with me, especially with the XF. No loading and just can play right out of the box as hardware is more reliable and stable.

#5. Neo-Soul Keys® for Yamaha Motif XS/XF

Overall assessment:

The UVI version is definitely the best as the platform offers more effects options than Kontakt. Some of them to be noted are the Enesemble 505, the Wah-Wah, and the different modulation types. The Kontakt version is our special baby as it was the mother of all of the versions, but in this particular case the UVI platform beat it out with better effects. Kontakt loads much faster and is better on the CPU, so consider that if you don’t have a high end machine.

The iPad version is special to us, because for some strange reason the iPad has some very warm filters and the sound is different. Similar to Reason, it has some special filters that make it its own and makes it sound different from the rest. We can’t believe the sound we are getting from the iPad is that sound. It sounds so amazing.

We love the Motif version especially for the XF. The flash allows you to take your keyboard with the flash and never have to load. You also have access to all of the Motif effects which are stellar as well as layering. You don’t get the maximum 24-bits or the amount of layers, but the connivence is worth it and still sounds good. We have the say that the XFs clean filters make it sound very good and clear. We put the Reason version ahead of it only because of the velocity layers, but the XF version can hold its on.

Bottom line: It’s all a matter of what platform you need to be on and how you need to use the product. We use the UVI and Kontakt versions in the studio, but when we gig live, we will use either the iPad or the Motif for stability sakes and they all sound good!