You may not realize this, but the Yamaha EX5 vintage keyboard has some of the best sound electric pianos ever made. The reason is because of a physical modeling technology that Yamaha developed called FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing). The result is a more naturalistic and 'breathing' electric piano sound, both richer and mellower, than the same original sounds without the FDSP processing. Adding FDSP on an electric piano suddenly creates new creative possibilities and realness to the EP.

Don't forget also, the EX5 has very warm and rich filters which make the EP's sound vintage and real. Adding the FDSP EP's on top of the EP effects and all of the vintage effects already in Neo-Soul Keys just makes for a very rich and full electric piano sound.

All-in-all, what you get is an amazing sounding, soulful, hybrid EP that has the best of physical modeling technology with organic phatness!