Q1: I purchased your older Suitcase, is this an upgrade? What are the new features?

A1: We had to discontinue Neo-Soul Suitcase due to the overwhelming amount of Warz and illegal downloading. We also had an issue with trademark, so we felt best to discontinue and upgrade.

Neo-Soul Suitcase has been out almost two years now. There are no upgrades from the older Neo-Soul Suitcase. There is, however, an upgrade path from the Neo-Soul Keys® V1 and V3.

Q2: Why isn’t the upgrade from the Neo-Soul Keys V1 and V3 free?

A2: We appreciate all of the customers who have supported us. The support has been overwhelming. We, unfortunately, cannot offer the upgrade for free due to simple economics. We have third party licensing agreements, vendors, and partners involved in advent of Neo-Soul Keys V3; not to mention the costs of developers and programmers. If we were to offer the upgrade for free, then we would do it at our own expense and we just cannot afford that.

Q3: How do I upgrade?

You simply go to our Gospel Musicians Store and login with your username and password. You will then see a category called UPGRADES/SPECIALS. Here is where you will be allowed to purchase the upgrade. Our shopping cart is programmed to look at all of your past purchases and give you the appropriate discount based on your past purchases.

Q4: Can I use your samples in Logic, GarageBand, ProTools, or Digital Performer?

A3: Yes. Kontakt is available in VST, AU, and RTAS formats. As long as your DAW supports VSTi instruments, you can use the samples. Other DAWs that can use the library would be FL Studio, Ableton Live, GarageBand, and Cubase. Yes, you can even use our sounds in GarageBand.

Q5: Can I create my own patches?

A4: Yes. You can create your own patches. You simply go to the file folder on Kontakt and Save as. Change the name as you please and create your own patches. If someone else has the Neo-Soul Keys, then they can use the same patches.

Q6: I purchased some of your other libraries. Is there an upgrade price for me?

A5: Yes! You can E-mail: Support@GospelMusicians.com with your order/invoice number and we will see what we can do about an upgrade price.

Q7: I lost my serial number. How do I find it

A6: Go to our Online Store and login with your registration information. Go to My Accounts (Top of Page). You will be able to search for past orders. Your serial number is on your invoice.

If you forgot your registration information, then request a password or username.