The Neo-Soul Keys® 3X Library for Kontakt 5 Player is a very specific urban sounding electric piano library that is designed to reproduce the exact sound, feel, and playability of your classic/vintage electric piano with the detail and expressiveness of the Fender® cabinet and, of course, the most beautiful vibrato. Our #1 goal was to make sure that if you were not able to take your heavy axe to your gig or studio, then this library would be the next best thing. Our EP sound is a combination of samples 8.06GB (4.05GB Compressed), and complex impulse response algorithms that will give you the grit of hip-hop; the silkiness of R&B; and the soul in neo-soul. Our absolute number one goal was realism and with vintage modeled effects, complex impulse response algorithms, advanced FX, and tweak-able knobs for ultimate control, you will have the best EP experience ever produced in a plugin. With all of this, we can safely say that you can leave the heaviness at home and use our library instead. We are extremely picky musicians and we spent out time tweaking this electric piano library to perfection and we know you will enjoy the detail.

Dedicated 8.0 GB (4.05 GB Lossless compression) of sample data 
44.1kHz/24-Bit Resolution
12-Velocity layers for sustain and release notes
Bass and Treble Boost
Tine/Bell Controls
Pedal Noise and Resonance sounds when sustain pedal is pressed
Key release and key down noises, emulating a real electromagnetic piano
Velocity Curves
Adjustable Velocity curves for a better dynamic response
Velocity layered release samples
Dedicated Bark samples, for more bite
Vintage Modeled Vibrato
Advanced FX - Phaser, Flanger, Delay, and Distortion
Impulse Response Amp Modeling of Vintage Amps
Warm Phat Chorus for a Thick Layered Sound
Vintage Modeled Fender® Spring Reverb
Kontakt 5 Advanced Scripting
Disk Streaming to Reduce Memory Usage
Easy MIDI Learn function for all knobs, sliders, and buttons
Real-Time MIDI controls that can be saved in a patch
Come on man, not another electric piano sound....

When we first embarked on the incredible task of creating another electric piano library, we waited years for the right suitcase to sample. With so many incredible options out there, we narrowed our focus on one main goal and that was REALISM. We wanted to give you the most authentic and organic experience possible. When you bang down on the keys, we wanted you to hear and feel all of the grit, grunge, clank, and thud of a real electromechanical instrument. The second thing we wanted to do was to make sure that the library had BARK. In our opinion, we felt there was still a little room left for another electric piano sound that would offer the extra grit and silkiness at the same time. One thing to note though: Don’t just take the stock sounds alone. There are so many knobs and effects to tweak that you can pretty much create any type of EP  sound that you want with our library.

Ummm...Did we fail to mention, dirty, grimey, gritty???
New Version 3X Complete Highlights:

Butter/Creamy sound or Mono version for Suitcase
Dirty or Clean version for Stage
More Dirt to add more of the dirty part of the tine
New Key Down samples with more mechanical “clanks”
New Key Up Samples with more mechanical noises
Dial in more dirty Wurli sound of the distorted speaker
Dial in more tube saturation for Wurli and Stage
All samples run through tube amps for a more vintage sound
All 3 Versions Necessary for that Signature Sound
When you see the Powered by Kontakt software sticker, then you know that what you are getting is a version that does not require a paid license copy of Kontakt. You can download the FREE Player 5 and run your samples. You can also load the instrument and see the wallpaper and all of it’s corresponding patches. Best of all, you can run your Neo-Soul Keys in standalone mode to be able to play your electric piano live and not need any third party software to host VSTs, such as Mainstage. As a result, you can use our plugin for just about any architecture or DAW that can host VST’s even ProTools.
Why did we set out to make another version of Neo-Soul Keys® 5X? Well the simple answer is that we are perfectionist. We have discovered a new platform, similar to the way Kontakt works--with amazing and different effects. The graphical layout is simple to navigate and the interface is full of color and life to give you an ultimate Neo-Soul Experience!

Electric Pianos Featured:

1. Mark I Stage Electric Piano

2. Mark II Suitcase Electric Piano

3. Wurlitzer® 200A

4. Yamaha® EX5 EP Sampled Using FDSP

5. Dyno-My-Piano Emulation

This electric Piano library is the best we've ever made and all of the new features in this version will absolutely blow your mind. We chose to use the UVI engine on this version, because we wanted to feature some of the amazing new effects that the UVI engine has to offer.


Current Neo-Soul Owners Can Upgrade for $79.99