Neo-Soul Keys® is finally here for the iPad. Now you can take an electric piano with you everywhere you go and not have to worry about lugging around a hundred pound Suitcase. The same grit, dirtiness, warmth, cream, and quality that you have experienced on the desktop is now possible on the iPad due to the fact that we are one of the first companies to provide real-time streaming using Apple Lossless format. This means that the full Gigabytes of samples that are on the desktop are crammed nicely into your iPad for the same high quality you would expect on any high priced electric piano library. Best of all the mechanical effects, chorus, reverb, and vibrato are there as well.

Oh....Did we mentioned that the App was Free? That’s right, you get an opportunity to try all of the EPs in Demo mode before you actually purchase, which means there is absolutely no risk to you. Neo-Soul Keys® is Here!

Live Session Using Suitcase EP
Full Length Video Tutorial
Beatmaking Tutorial 1 Using iPad 2
Beatmaking Tutorial 2 Using iPad 2
Beatmaking Tutorial 3 Using iPad 2