The Neo-Soul Keys Library for Reason Refill is a spin-off of our popular Electric Piano Library. We wanted to bring the same samples to Reason customers as well. Our refill is a combinator, with the ability to adjust the Key-Up, Key-Down, Sustain, and Release note sounds. We recognize the importance of our Reason customers and we wanted to provide an electric piano sample library for Reason as well. The samples are the SAME exact samples as you would get on the other formats. You get the same warmth, bark, and quality as you would get with the other formats. Best of all, because it is Reason format, you can Rewire and Record our high quality Neo-Soul Keys urban Electric Piano library within the same ecosystem. You can use all of your quality effects, racks, and patch things like you normally would. Having our Neo-Soul Keys Electric Piano for Reason gives you the best sound quality and stability of a single ecosystem. All of the combinators and Refills are ready to be loaded and played. Tweak the knobs as you please to your liking, and make sure to add all the effects you can muster up within Reason. Click Here for more Info
The Neo-Soul Keys Library for GarageBand using iPad. Let’s face it: The iPad has become the next musician’s creation tool. You already own GarageBand for your iPad and you are already familiar with the Apple Ecosystem. So why not load our award winning Neo-Soul Keys Electric Piano library to use one of the best electric piano sounds on the market. Think of the possibilities....Instead of lugging an 100lb to 200lb electromechanical suitcase to your gig, all you need is a controller and your iPad and you can take our EP with you. We kept the footprint low, so that it would not take up so many iPad resources, but the quality is still there. Best of all, you still have room for 7-tracks to act as backing tracks for your live Gig. If you want to use our EP with your songs, then just load the Neo-Soul Keys song and duplicate it. Every time you duplicate it, you will have our samples ready to load. I know it sounds crazy, but now you can take your Mark I with you wherever you go, because all of the quality, release, bark, and tine sounds are right inside of your iPad. Leave your Mark I at home and take your iPad instead! Click Here for More Info
The Neo-Soul Electric Piano for your Yamaha Motif ES/XS/XF is a spin off of our popular sample Neo-Soul Keys Sample Library. We realize that the Motif line has a ton of electric pianos, but we felt that there was still room for that ultimate warm and phat electric piano Suitcase sound with bark.  We included 2 electric piano sounds that will blow you away. The first sound is a warm Suitcase ’73 version with a lot of warmth and very phat coming through the Motif filters. The second electric piano is a Suitcase version, but with more grit. This second one is more applicable to hip-hop type of songs. We were able to keep the samples lightweight enough to load, but thick enough to sound very realistic with a ton of velocities to give an awesome expression. Instead of trying to lug your gigantic 200lb Mark I Suitcase with you on your gig, simply take your memory stick or hardrive and load up your own suitcase. Best of all for those who have Motif XFs, you can load just one time and keep your Mark I Suitcase with you sitting right into RAM ready and waiting for you, whenever you boot up your Motif!  Click Here for More Info
After launching the first version of our EP for the Motif about a year ago, we were able to get our feet wet by sampling a Mark I we had in our own studio. It sounded amazing, but it was not the same as the newer Suitcase we sampled, which we brought to the Kontakt version. So you know  we had to bring the same exact Kontakt version to the Motif as well. This library is exactly 500MB of the same exact samples from the Kontakt version. Best of all, each volume slider will control each element of the samples, such as sustain, bark, tine, key-up, key-down, and most important release notes. Now instead of lugging your computer around and worrying about buffer sizes, and processes, you can just simply load your samples into your Motif and it would be as if you have a real Mark I Suitcase library right inside of your Motif. And for you XF owners, you can simply load the samples into your FLASH and now you have the best sounding Electric Piano sound on the market. Click Here for More Info
The Neo-Soul Stage EP for Motif may be one of the most exciting instruments. Finally, you will get the feeling of taking a real live gritty, dirty, and grungy electric piano with you on the gig. The Stage is much different that the Suitcase. The Suitcase is very warm, phat and has a smooth sound. The Stage EP is just dirty and a joy to play with. Both versions are awesome, but the Stage has the feeling of bringing the same electric piano that is sitting in your studio or office, with you wherever you go. All of the uneven notes, clanks, bangs, and uneven tine smacks are there. This is what gives it the best character of all. Best of all. All of our EP’s for Motif are on sale, so you can take the EP’s with you wherever you go. In addition we teamed up with Dave Polich, who is one of Yamaha’s top sound designers. He designed patches for MTV and even Michael Jackson. He and I, helped to design the best programs and sounds for that real electromechanical sound. Click Here for More Info