The Neo-Soul Keys Library for Reason 6 Refill is a spin-off of our popular Electric Piano Library. We wanted to bring the same samples to Reason customers as well. Our refill is a combinator, with the ability to adjust the Key-Up, Key-Down, Sustain, and Release note sounds. We recognize the importance of our Reason customers and we wanted to provide an electric piano sample library for Reason as well. The samples are the SAME exact samples as you would get on the other formats. You get the same warmth, bark, and quality as you would get with the other formats. Best of all, because it is Reason format, you can Rewire and Record our high quality Neo-Soul Keys urban Electric Piano library within the same ecosystem. You can use all of your quality effects, racks, and patch things like you normally would. Having our Neo-Soul Keys Electric Piano for Reason gives you the best sound quality and stability of a single ecosystem. All of the combinators and Refills are ready to be loaded and played. Tweak the knobs as you please to your liking, and make sure to add all the effects you can muster up within Reason.