As our first artist that we are profiling for Neo-Soul Keys™, we are proud to have David “D1” Grant on our team as our first artist to promote and use Neo-Soul Keys. His resume is impressive as he has played keys for The Ohio Players; Music Director for Trae Pierce & the T-Stone Crew; Jon B, Vivian Green, Angie Stone. Currently he is going on tour with Flo Rida, and working in the studio with Sugarfoot (Ohio Players). So as you can see, if anyone would know what the Neo-Soul sound is suppose to be, then he would know. We asked him to review the plugin and the first time he pulled it up was when he was in the studio with Sugarfoot from the Ohio Players. After pulling up the plugin, he states that the people in the studio immediately said: “What is that?” The sound of the Neo-Soul Keys is an unmistakably signature sound of soul. It has the grit and the silky smooth creaminess at the same time. The best way to describe it would be the sound of butter with some dirt in it. Enjoy the videos below as D1 demonstrates how he uses the library! Click Her for More Information.
At the end of the day, the main reason why you purchase a plugin like the Neo-Soul Keys is to make music and we are proud to announce that we used the Neo-Soul Keys on our entire album. All of the electric piano sounds that you hear on the album are from the Neo-Soul Keys, save maybe two songs. There were a couple of songs where we recorded using a live Suitcase, but close to 90% of the entire album was recorded, produced, and mixed using the Neo-Soul Keys. We will challenge you to purchase the album so you can tell us which songs you think used a real Mark I Suitcase and which songs used the Neo-Soul Keys. To be totally honest, we can’t even tell ourselves. This is what it’s all about! Making good music and enjoying the gift God has given us. The Neo-Soul Keys Electric Piano is ready to to go right out of the box to make your next hit album or to use it live, because it is full, phat, warm, and full of character and inspiration. So this Neo-Soul Keys is tried and tested on real projects! It’s that the real reason we do this? Click Here for More Information.

One of the first guys I contacted when it came to reviewing the Neo-Soul Keys was one of the guys I have been following on YouTube for a while, which is my man JK Swoops. This guy reviews everything that comes out and he is my personal go-to reviewer as he seems to have all of the gear. One thing I noticed when I sent the license to him, he has a remarkable ear. Without telling him anything, he was able to hear the changes in the samples and the amp sims. He has a good ear and I trust you guys will understand that he is not sponsored by this website at all, so there is nothing to gain for him, so his opinions are completely his own.  Click Here for More Information.

Keyboard Magazine is one of the top keyboard magazines in the world. When we first released Neo-Soul Keys, we approached Keyboard Magazine about reviewing the software and when the reviewer first listened to the demos on the website, they were blown away. August 2012 was the issue where they decided to review the Neo-Soul Keys.

Please take an opportunity to see the reviews on the website and with the magazine. Keyboard Magazine is one of the most respected magazines in the world. 

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